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Roger Williams University Hillel
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Recent Events

Frebruary 15 weekend
We went down to New York City!!  In the city we used the subway to get around which was really cool. we went to the lower east side Tenement museum to see what life was like when the immagrants came over. We also went to China Town to enrich ourself with a completely different culture. On Sunday night we  went to see RENT on broadway! That was a really awsome show to see.
If you would like to visit the Lower East Side Tenement Museum please click he link below.






























Last years highlights

April 8th-10th
Newman Club, Hillel, and Anthropology/ Socioglogy will take turns sitting at a table during lunch and dinner on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  The table will serve three purposes.  the main purpose will be to pursuade people to sign their april 12 dinner meal away for the Matthew Shephard Foundation.  A sign a meal away is when the money that is used for your dinner, is given to the Foundation, and your meal is taken away from the dining hall system, so you can't eat in the dining hall for the meal.  Last year the sign a meal away was on Easter, but due to time circumstances, Friday night dinner, was the best option to choose from.  The second purpose will be to raise awareness of diversity and hate crimes through personal stories which will be posted on a self-mounted board, and through quotes and statistics.  The third purpose will be to advertise for the movie on Wednesday.

April 9th
8pm-talk given by a Holocaust survivor at Johnson & Wales.  Four or Five Hillel members are meeting at 7pm to drive to the Harborside campus of Johson and Wales.  J&W is having a Spiritual Life week. The Holocaust survivor speaker is one of the events.  The lecture and the discussion afterwards will last from 8-10pm. 


Upcoming Events

March 12th
we are going to be going to the Hebrew School to help them make Humantashins.


There is going to be a movie night about the tenements in the 1920's. if any one has recomindations about some other movies please let us know.


If there is going to be anyone staying at RWU over passove and would like to  get a ride to the local temple for survices please contact Natalie at EX 8918.



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