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Roger Williams University Hillel


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We, the undergraduate students of Roger Williams University, represent the Jewish population. We provide Jewish services and act as the Jewish voice on campus through Deans Diversity Council and our organization. We serve as both a social and religious club which promotes diversity through education. We establish this constitution as part of our organization.

Article One

The name of our organization is Hillel

Article Two

Membership shall include anyone who is interested in Jewish heritage and culture. Members do not necessarily have to be Jewish. Members must be current Roger Williams University or faculty.

Article Three

Our organization must maintain all guidelines stipulated in the Roger Williams University Student Senate Constitution. Any item in this Constitution that violates the Student Senate Constitution is to be voided.

Article Four

Regular general meetings shall meet as stipulated by the executive board.

Special meetings and the first regular meeting of the academic year may be called at any time during the academic year by the President or by the Hillel Director. This shall include special events and committees.

There must be at least one (1) week notice before any meeting can be held.

No meetings may be held on the Jewish Sabbath (Friday night to Saturday night) nor on any of the Biblical Jewish holidays.

Article 5

Elections shall take place prior to officer training each Spring semester

To be an officer one must be a full time day student with a G.P.A. of at least 2.0 and sophomore standing.

No officer can be on academic or disciplinary probation.

Officer nomination will be taken on a previously announced date. All nominations must be seconded in order for one to run. All nominees must accept or decline their nominations by the end of the week of nomination. One may only run for one office at a time. All nominations shall be closed prior to elections. Voting shall take place the following week. All nominees must be present for both nominations and elections. Votes shall be tallied by the Hillel Director and a full member of Hillel not directly involved in the election.

All organizations are allowed only one (1) President and one (1) Vice President as stated in the Student Senate Constitution.

Article Six

If there is a vacancy among the officers, elections may be held.

Article Seven

Impeachment proceedings, once brought to the floor, cannot be taken back. It will mean a trial at the next meeting which will be all fair and timely. Any officer under scrutiny will have the right to refute this charge at their trial. Reasons for impeachment may include misconduct or failure to complete one's duties as an officer. These duties are stipulated in Article Eight.

Article Eight


One person who presides over meetings for the whole year

Facilitates executive board meetings

Is aware of all monitary matters

Spokesman for the club

Informs others when executive board is meeting

Coordinates transitions from one year to the next

Provides motivation to everyone

Attends Presidents' Meetings


Presides over meetings in the absence of the President

Serves as liaison to committees

Submits term reports

Performs other duties directed by the President


Attends Finace Committee meetings when needed

Keeps track of the budget

Knows how to do PO's and Requisite forms

Performs other duties directed by the President


Keeps records of the meetings

Sends minutes to all members

Prepares an agenda for the President

Makes a calendar of events

Maintains phone and E-mail contact with all members

Does PR and flyers

Reserves room for meeting times

Performs other duties assigned by the President

While the Senate constitution (*and by-laws) covers Senate and all clubs and organizations, the Hillel constitution consists of details and rules that apply more specifically to Hillel. The main catch is that the Senate constitution overrides the Hillel constitution. Should the Hillel constitution be lacking or contradicting a detail that is in the Senate Constitution, then the Senate Constitution is correct.

Roger Williams University Student Senate

Should the club as a whole decide to change or add to an area of the hillel constitution, it is discussed during eboard/club meetings, and an informal vote is taken during a club meeting